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The holidays – it’s a full out marathon. Halloween essentially starts in September, then Thanksgiving is essentially the entire month of November, and Christmas started back in July, so really the detox is real. Personally, I think an internal reset of the body is a good thing to do after the holidays. Not necessarily for weight loss, but just to feel healthier. Additionally, a reset of the mind – I mean, shit, I’m lethargic. I’ve been doing this super quick five minute before bed yoga routine and I can honestly say I fall asleep faster and wake up feeling refreshed. NOTHING is worse than waking up and still being tired. 

First, find a space for just you.

Since I spend a lot of my time in planes, cars, or at a desk, my posture deals with a lot of strain. Thankfully, Pilates has helped me maintain a much better and more upright posture whether I’m sitting or standing. This helps me appear less sluggish and more presentable and prevents any back issues that I can come across later on in life.


Surprisingly enough, Pilates can help with easing pain in your back and neck. While this pain can also be a result of poor posture, Pilates’ strength-benefits can help weak backs and necks. Working to strengthen the muscles throughout your body with Pilates can help support your back and your neck, while the stretching factor of the exercise can help ease any already-existing pain in either of those areas.

What’s your go-to workout and what’s your favorite thing about it? Let me know in the comments below!

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