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My literal job is to motivate people to workout. Everyday, I have to be ON during class, but omg, sometimes the motivation in myself is hard to find. However, I do find it a little easier when I have a super cute new fit to wear! And how incredibly convenient that 6YCLE is now co-branded with our very own Lululemon gear! YAY!

These are my all time favorite pants. Quick little disclaimer, Lulu will tell you they aren’t meant for cycling, because they pill. Which is true. I LOATHE compression in my pants, so I take the risk and these are the only pants I will wear, for literally any workout. And they make your butt look super cute, just an added bonus. I wear a size four. A size 2 works because there’s a lot of stretch, but a 4 is offers more comfort.

These one shoulder bras are incredibly cute, but for someone who has a bigger bust, they’re completely … My favorite two Lulu bras are the … and the … They offer support and coverage. Nothing is more awkward then bending over in the gym and your boobs almost fall out of your bra. I wear a size … and in a regular, non-sports bra I wear a …

Its FKN freezing in Pittsburgh and especially during colder months its important to make sure you leave a workout dry and warm. I cycle in my bra, so I try to bring a second one to change into, but its more important to keep your core warm. These fitted zipper jackets are great to grab, throw on under a coat and leave. I get these in a 4 or 6. I hate it when the seams are jammed under my arms and I feel like I can’t move. These jackets are skin tight and made of the same material Mr. Incredible wears, so size up.

We don’t retail this at the store, because we’re still determining the needs of our clients, but this jacket is the best!!! I love the fit and I think that’s its trendy. But more importantly it keeps me so warm without being bulky.

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