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Hi. I’m Jess. If you’re new here and have never met me at 6YCLE, I’ll assume you live on the other side of the world. I appreciate you stopping by and I here are a couple things about me!

1// I’m snarky. My sense of humor is drier than merlot. 

2// My next business idea is to open a car garage run by super hot men and women. I would go into it more, but I also have this weird paranoia that more than ten people will read this blog and someone will steal all my ideas. 

3// I started 6YCLE to avoid traffic. I wish I was kidding and there was a deeper, tear jerking story about why I love spinning so much, but no. I will do literally anything to avoid sitting in traffic. 

4// I really want to start a YouTube channel, but I’m scared. That’s really what it comes down to, I’m worried that no one will watch. Or, that I’m annoying. Or, that my edits will be lame. Or, I often question “who am I to tell I someone how, when, where”, what gives me the validity to talk about really anything. 

5// Im a perfectionist to a flaw. Rather than getting something done, just to do it, I won’t do it at all. Unless I can do something the exact way I want it done, I won’t even consider it. Which, is actually really bad when you own a business. There are often times I won’t do a graphic, because I’m too rushed or I don’t have a clear idea. In some instances there have been times that a marketing piece needed done and I didn’t have the exact photo I wanted, so I just didn’t do it. It would be three days to an event and I would just start the marketing. When in reality, I could have just typed words and threw it on. Story and called it a day. 

6// I have a terrible diet. I don’t eat enough or I eat too much. I also never eat enough vegetables. 

7// I love entertaining!!! I’ve always had abetter times making sure those around me are having a great time. Which leads me to…

8// Before I owned 6YCLE I owned an event planning company. It was pretty fun, but really hard. Event planning it time consuming and by the time people have paid for the venue, décor, catering, entertainment, they always have a problem paying for your time. 

9// I have the worst mouth. Ugh. The f word flies out as casually and as easy as the word THE. I would lie and say im working on it, but I’m not. I try to be conscious of those Im around, but sometimes I really just want to hit myself in the forehead. 

10// If you haven’t guessed by the photos, I’m obsessed with my dogs. Belle, the brunette and Brody, the blonde.

Thanks for reading!

XO, Jess

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