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Work events aren’t necessarily fun, but it doesn’t stop me from trying! Whether you closely follow or not, you probably notice that we have monthly photoshoots to keep our marketing current. Not to mention, it’s the way we’ve grown our business so rapidly! I love our shoot days, they stress me out, but I love them. I’m also super grateful that my team spends their free weekend time doing things like this. I try to make sure the shoots are enjoyable for them as well. Plus, those snacks don’t show up for two to three days, so lets eat! This past weekend we had our November photoshoot, we always shoot a month in advance and let me tell you, this setup with LIT. EVERYTHING I got was purchased at Wal-Mart!

  • 3 flavors of wings + blue cheese dressing
  • radishes
  • pineapple
  • snap peas
  • carrots
  • celery
  • sweet pickles
  • mini peppers
  • crackers
  • nut mix
  • cucumbers

For the spread I setup healthy options, as well as some savory options. I also indlcuded some anti bloat mocktials. I did my famous health-IER buff chk dip, veggie board, and finger bites. I’m not sure why, but it’s a million f*ing degrees in Pittsburgh in October, so we did this outside. Look at the cute little lights!

Thank the heavens the Walmart is a one stop shop to get everything we needed for our game day gathering, from drinks & snacks to serve ware, kitchen appliances & home entertainment. I save time and money, v important. 

The acrylic traychips & dip bowl and beverage tub are backyard hosting essentials the quality & price of them from Walmart is hard to beat. I also used a kraft paper roll to serve as a casual table runner, which was game day appropriate. 

Getting ready for this game day party was so simple in large part to being able to get everything I needed at 1 store. And even better, I did the ordering online and then Walmart store pick up for both the items & groceries, such a great option! I hope we are able to enjoy many more games on the patio before the cold weather comes! 

Shoot Day Essentials 

acrylic tray // chips & dip bowl // beverage tub //  plastic plates and bowls // string lights // plastic wine glass

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