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So, you had a summer bod, but then you took that cute lil ass out for a spin. You spent your days sipping by the pool and your nights chugging at the bar. Leaving your summer bod where exactly where it is, and certainly not where you left it. Heres the facts – we’re all due for a reset, so let me help out a bit. 

  1. – Trade hard seltzer, for hard (plain) water

I’m assuming everyone got really good at chugging this summer, so let’s put those skills to use! Try to drink 6-8 glasses of water a day. If you can, go for the gallon. I love hydrojugs! This will help hydrate your skin and flush out extra toxins. We also still have our 6YCLE blenders at both locations! 

2 – Ma’am, step away from the white claw

For one entire week, take a break. You won’ die and the purple Gatorade shots will be there after your hiatus. Alcohol is literally toxic to our bodies. You can’t detox while you retox. You can add things like lemons, mint, and cucumbers to add a little flavor to your water and help with things like inflammation and clearing your skin. 

3 – Fill up on nutrients 

Eat lots of veggies!  They are of antioxidants and promote a natural reset of the digestive system. I’m not the best eater. I’m a HUGE fan of a grab and go meal, which is normally a premade sandwich from a coffee shop. Which is why I am obsessed with Live Fresh Juices. Drinking my fruits and veggies is a much easier way for me to incorporate them into my diet. 

4 – Cut out processed food 

Again, try it for a week, on little week. Focus on WHOLE foods. Real food from nature and dirt and shit. Not supplemental foods. Replacing a granola bar with a granola bar that has the word PROTEIN slapped on it, is the same f**king thing.

5 – Grab a friend

The hardest part is being accountable and consistent. You may not see change right away, but stick to it and it will pay off! Someone once told me – it takes four weeks for your family to notice, eight weeks for your friends to notice, and 12 weeks for you to notice. 

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