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I literally loved my birthday this year. I celebrated in a place I love with all people I love. My friend Rachael come up with a super cute theme and from there it was so easy to plan. I decorated my own party, which if you know me it’s not sad, it’s the only right way to do MY birthday. I loathe surprises and have a particular eye for all things aesthetic hehe. There were no surprises, no rushed schedules, just business as usual with a couple of hanging sheep. And baby loves nothing more than being left alone to her own devices…

Second, I picked out all of my own treats and man, I picked a lot! Birthday snacks included Becca Bakes cookies and 12 different flavors of Nothing Bundt Cakes, and a burnt almost torte. Taylor and I have a tradition of getting each other Pratntls on our birthdays each year! Thanks Tay for keeping it going!

I am incredibly grateful for all my friends, family, and SIXERS who came out to celebrate with me! I love you all. HBD 2 ME!

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