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Now, I’ve been spinning obsessed for years. I’ve tried a lot studios within Pittsburgh, and every time I travel I find a spin class to attend… I literally can’t stop spinning. However, I never really found somewhere that (A) love and (B) was close to where I live. I did find a studio in Wexford I really liked, but it was 40 minutes away and I only liked one of the instructors. Traveling that far got old, quick. So, I started planning a spinning studio in March 2017. Just the basics – pricing, area competition, styles, training, ect. Summer of 2017 I really started moving. 

I originally looked at 936 Penn Ave for 6YCLE and asked Cody Baker to do the marketing. It was at Market Street grocery where we came up with the name and color scheme. Cody was playing with the original address, using the 6 from 936 and playing with pronunciation like the rapper 6lack. Yes, 6YCLE was inspired by 6lack. Cut to September 2017. 

I own a company called Jessica Linn Events, (now in a rather dormant phase) within that company I have the JLE babes. The JLE babes were my core group of girls who helped me with every event. Taylor was always down to work, she had a great attitude and she was just a fun person to be around. We were driving to an event one day and this is the exact conversation that started 6YCLE:

Me – I really want to open a spinning studio, but I’m way to busy to do it on my own and I need a GM. Will you quit your job and help me full time?

Tay – Sure, sounds fun. 

And there you have it. It was that simple. Two weeks later, Taylor quit her job and on October 1, 2017 we started the demo on what is now 6YCLE Southside. Taylor and I literally have blood, sweat, and tears in that building. 

I wanted the interior concept to be homey, but industrial. Every spinning studio I looked at reminded me of a prefab home. White and cookie cutter. I love our exterior black and white of our current building, but the interior was repulsive. The owners of the building let it sit vacant and unattended for three years. They also let the previous tenants destroy the place. Whoever owned Mother Flecthers, I don’t like you. It was covered in black paint, top to bottom. There was nothing that wasn’t black.  Just to give you an idea of what we did – took out any standing structure using pure muscle and sledge hammers, refaced the bar, redid the entire bathroom, completely removed the old ceramic title floor, painted from floor to ceiling, literally changed everything. Granted we did have assistance with these projects, but we were there helping with all of it. Taylor’s brother and his two friends came to help. I’ll never forget everyone took a break to grab food, meanwhile Jason is pounding out what was the old DJ booth, now a brand new retail desk. Just swinging a sledge hammer until all of a sudden out pops Jason from behind this giant wall and the whole thing come crashing down. Its honestly one of the funniest memories I have. That and throwing 60lbs bags of ceramic title into a construction dumpster that wasn’t ours at 2AM, then being caught by the owners of said dumpster. 

The spinning style at 6YCLE is from an underground basement studio in Miami. I found a woman who created a studio where each song had a choreographed dance on a bike. It was so fun, but also extremely hard if you weren’t a frequent and consistent member. I loved the idea of dancing on a bike, while keeping a more common cadence style movement in the studio. One pedal stroke, one count.  While 6YCLE’s spinning is my brainchild, Taylor helped curate other classes. 

The start of our booty burn class was all her. She used to teach spin at IUP, where she would integrate off the bike leg work into some of her classes. This is how she developed our most popular class at 6YCLE booty burn! The hybrid class is was so popular we stared added more and more hybrid options to our schedule.  

Five months into our start up Taylor bought into 6YCLE. Really locking herself into this nightmare, errrr dream! Owning a stratup is stressful. Making sure you have enough capital to pay rent, make payroll, pay yourself, so you don’t have to sleep on the couch in your lounge. It’s really scary. But eight long months into our startup, we turned a profit. Ten months in we had someone express interest in investing into our idea. Having someone believe in our business model after less than a year is really really proud moment.  We have a lot planned for 6YCLE, but Southside will always have our heart. Where Taylor and I created the brand, the mission, and the community that will launch us future into success. 

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