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6YCLE is turning two. Yes, that’s it – We are only two years old. Sometimes I forget what little babes we are in business and I have to remind myself that Rome wasn’t built in a day. But I think milestones, such as birthdays, are a time to take inventory, organize and restructure as needed.


Mistakes are a necessary part of owning a business. I have an obsession with our Instagram archive and I LOATHE that I can’t delete all the clutter, but that’s beside the point. I look through the archive and what I see is complete craziness. The physical studio has undergone so many cosmetic changes, but also what it means to be a 6YCLE client, ambassador, and employee have tremendously changed.

Our first round of employees didn’t even go through a 6YCLE branded training. SMH. Our first round of ambassadors didn’t even have rules to follow, we just threw them in the wind and said promote us. Thank God for them, because they really killed it. And our first clients – our poor first clients. They used to spin with two people in the room. Then literally one day Kacy walked in to a full class like HELLO SIXER FAM!

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There are things we do well and things that need a ton of improvement. I think it’s important to make a tangible list of what you need to organize within your life or business.

Technology – I have an internal struggle with monitors. I hate them, I think a lot of our Southside clients hate them, but in South Hills I have completely conflicting opinions.

The Studio – It’s not where I want it to be. I model a lot of my ideas off of these mulit million dollar gyms I visit in New York and LA. But in order to have a multimillion-dollar studio, we need a multimillion-dollar budget.

Shoes – I refuse to do rentals. Its foul. But at the same time, I think cycling in tennis shoes is pointless and dangerous. The workout is entirely different when you ride in a cycling shoes. So to offer rentals or no?? That is the question.

To add to the why NOT rentals: If you rent shoes and are attending even one class a week, just buy the damn shoes. Go on amazon, they’re $50. Spend the money. There is NO true way to clean the inside of a sweaty shoe. If someone tells you they’re sanitized big f**king deal. You know what else is “sanitized” daily, airport floors and do you even know how many germs live in the airport? A trillion. Not to mention, most studios, including mine, make you remove your shoes between the lounge and studio room. So, you’re walking around on the studio floor in your socks (full of germs) then smushing your foot into a previously worn cycling shoe (full of germs). I repeat – it is foul.

Marketing – Ugh. Here’s where I need all the time in the world. First of all, our presence on Facebook is non-existent, so there’s that negative. I’d like to do more email marketing, but I think email marketing from big box brands is sooooooo over played and annoying. I can’t figure out the happy medium. Our insta which is/was crushing it is still doing well, but I see things I want to change. But then I have this fear of change, because everyone always freaks out… there are many internal struggles I deal with daily and they make me a crazy person.

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Internally, Tay and I need to restructure who does what and possibly bring on new staff. I initially hired Tay to be the GM, so that I could pursue other business ventures, but I’m an OCD control freak and have become WAYYYYY more involved than I initially intended to be. She also bought in half through our first year, so our dynamic shifted a little bit and we never defined roles within 6YCLE. 6YCLE is a business I want to own and right now, it entirely owns me. It consumes me in ways I don’t even understand. In 2020 I have a goal to be more selfish with my time and I NEED to follow that goal.

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